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Snapshots A Far Cry 4 U

2018-11-13 // 0 Comments

(Snapshots from Kyrat, in Far Cry 4) Here comes a few shots from my ‘travels’ around in Kyrat. Nice place. What’s up? Hippie wagon If this ain’t a [...]

I think he’s onto me

2018-01-30 // 0 Comments

Vampirism isn’t the easiest of afflictions to live with, nor hide. Luckily, Isran isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Thankfully, I got off scot-free here, [...]

Snapshots From Chernarus

2018-01-23 // 0 Comments

Here are some snaps I took during my journey through Chernarus. It’s truly an interesting place. Traveling through a country during wartime provides some funny [...]

Path to the top of the world

2018-01-15 // 3 Comments

I wanted to see what was on top of Far’s Peak, so a sturdy wooden path was built. Turned out to be an incredible waste of time. Entirely useless project. It’s [...]

The Lone Hunter

2018-01-10 // 0 Comments

In Far Harbor roams the lone hunter, forever hunting his prey. I met this awesome looking dude in Far Harbor. He didn’t say much. He didn’t really acknowledge my [...]

Vault 88 Barber

2017-12-06 // 2 Comments

This is how a barber shop should look like in an underground vault during the post-apocalypse. I doubt a barber shop would be first priority to get up and running, but then [...]

Morning run with the gun

2017-11-29 // 2 Comments

It’s important to stay in shape, especially if your job involves being loaded with equipment and heavy clothing. Run with the gun for extra weight, preferably fully [...]

Should I? Or should I not?

2017-11-21 // 1 Comment

Since the dawn of counter terrorism (and terrorism), countless trained professionals have been fighting an irresistible urge, a conundrum. Popping the chicken. That juicy [...]

Prydwen Going Down

2017-11-15 // 5 Comments

Trigger warning: BoS-zealots fans, look away. This might hurt. The almighty Prydwen met it’s fate after a battle between the minutemen and the Brotherhood of Steel at [...]