Phresh Pheed



Kyrat Travel Guide: Currency

2017-07-19 // 1 Comment

One of the most confusing things when travelling abroad can be the currency. The conversion rate is quickly forgotten and you spend a lot more money than intended. [...]

Kyrat Travel Guide: Overview

2017-07-17 // 3 Comments

Namaste, fellow travelers! Exotic fauna. Stunning Flora. An adrenaline junkie’s paradise. The land of breathtaking panorama. Kyrat is many things. The land of beauty [...]

Going To Church In Sapienza

2017-06-15 // 6 Comments

Have you ever been inside a Catholic church?If not, read on.(do skim through anyway, if you want to)The one we will be visiting today is situated in Sapienza.Beautiful, [...]

Missing Person Report: Deacon

2017-06-06 // 0 Comments

The line between being a reporter and performing a detective’s work is a thin one. This is an example of that. Several people have reported a person missing. Among [...]