Phresh Pheed


Inopportune confessions

2017-08-15 // 3 Comments

I couldn’t come up with better captions than these for some reason. If you have any ideas, put some words in the comment section and I’ll make a post out of them. [...]

Pick Up Line-Alduin

2017-08-09 // 1 Comment

Did you know Alduin’s a master pick-up artist? Trust Aldie to light up the club You know what they say – If only all women spoke french, and men dragon tongue. [...]

Discovering Dab

2017-08-08 // 0 Comments

Focus on the horizon – wait for it… DAB! Hammala mammala shambalambala! It’s not working.. Hmm.. Wait! Hold on. It’ll work. *Dabbing for 38 [...]

Staycation FTW

2017-08-07 // 2 Comments

A better vacation – Underground In Vault 188, you’ll find an underground beach, with a stunning view (depending on how picky you are). You won’t even miss [...]

Never Eat Unlabeled Pills

2017-08-01 // 2 Comments

Imma repeat the headline: Never eat unlabeled pills. You may start looking like that guy. This goes for expired medication as well. Getting a prescription from a licensed [...]

The Drone Pilot’s Burden

2017-07-31 // 0 Comments

A drone pilot has a responsibility like no other. The responsibility to give answers to questions the masses still don’t know. Know that drones haven’t been part [...]