Phresh Pheed


It Didn’t Hurt At All

2017-07-28 // 0 Comments

Me, thinking to myself: “If I just keep this face until it doesn’t hurt anymore, no one will see this hurt like f*ck” Spectators: Are you crying? Me : [...]

Aunt Flo & Cousin Red

2017-07-26 // 14 Comments

The privilege of getting to visit this often should be for immediate family only. There’s nothing funny about the female menstrual cycle. Period. – Some guy who [...]

Don’t Kiss And Tell

2017-07-10 // 3 Comments

Unless you have a gun to your head. Maybe not even then. Too risky. To be safe, and prevent any awkward situations, never promise anything. Not even to brush your [...]

BBQ Problems

2017-07-08 // 2 Comments

Before the age of propane tanks (not the war tanks), a man wanting a savory steak had to experiment with extremely flammable liquids. Overestimating the amount of said [...]

Driving In Every Movie Ever

2017-07-06 // 2 Comments

Why do people drive like this in movies? Have they never driven a car before? Or seen how a car is handled in real life? Isn’t it weird? Imagine how that kind of [...]