Snapshots A Far Cry 4 U

(Snapshots from Kyrat, in Far Cry 4) Here comes a few shots from my 'travels' around in Kyrat. Nice place. What's up? Hippie wagon If this ain't a shaggin' wagon, I don't know what is. Look at that fabulous son of a gun Wasting Ammo Strange way of celebrating a gunfight victory. Shortsighted, and a waste … Continue reading Snapshots A Far Cry 4 U

KUK 400

The owner of that registration plate will get a lot of attention in Scandinavia. I'm not guaranteeing it will be the good kind of attention, but how he managed to get that through the <insert baguette, wine&mime-land's version of the DMV here> is commendable. IO, I see what you did there. A closeup for good … Continue reading KUK 400