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I know waiting is not fun, so here’s a pic of 47 waiting in line.

“I should not have put that in the cake” - 47’s culinary side is not known to many, but sometimes he indeed experiments with food. He’s not successful each and every time, but then again, who is? Experimenting is the spice of life. Put a little cyanide in there, just to see what happens. – 47’s terrible chef mentor This time, a rock star got to taste a cake with some extra spice. Maybe it was allergies or something.
KUK 400 - The owner of that registration plate will get a lot of attention in Scandinavia. I’m not guaranteeing it will be the good kind of attention, but how he managed to get that through the <insert baguette, wine&mime-land’s version of the DMV here> is commendable. IO, I see what you did there. A closeup for good measure:
Freezer Challenge - Bah… Another one of those stupid challenges. This time it’s the freezer challenge, where a bunch of people try to hold out the longest, while live-streaming it (twitch, YouTube, you name it). From the looks of it, the more pain and/or embarrassment it causes, the “better”. Some take these a bit too far. In this particular case, the only bad A, cold-blooded challenge maestro left standing, was a dude going by the name of “Forty Seven” (or something). Cold a*a h*nkey
Adult role-play keeps getting weirder - Anything to keep the flame alive, I guess. Keeping it interesting by role playing. Somewhat macabre, but hey, each to his own, right? Some like to dress up as hostage and torturer, others like to watch, like a hard (pun) voyeuristic peeping Tom.
Wanted To Trim The Ends – And It’s Gone - I believe these speak for themselves. Not all of them will be relatable for everyone, but I’m sure you’ll find something. How does the moon cut its hair? Eclipse it. “It was a dark and stormy night….” If you are like me, never knowing when you’re venturing beyond the borders of “just small talk”. A huge flag, or a siren, should have just popped up every time the conversation goes from personal preference of bubblegum to what you really think about politics, religion, equality, tolerance, and any other subject not relating to bubblegum.
47 Hangs Out With Robert De Niro - Our favorite silent assassin finally got to hang out with one of his all time heroes. 47, in a rare occurrence, sent us a few of his favorite moments. The widely known celebrity introduced 47 to other celebrities (that 47 didn’t know who was). As many exciting evenings, this too started with a few glasses of fermented grapes. With bolstered courage, 47 were taught how to approach Italian belladonna’s. Open mic night – Not everyone is a natural born performer. De Niro challenged 47 to a shot contest. As almost required in an all-nighter, a bit of friendly wrestling between the newfound bro’s ensued. In the heat of the moment, Robert accidentally called 47 a clone, a word he is somewhat sensitive of. They made up, and 47 was happy again. So happy that he found the courage to show off his mad skills on the dance floor. Knowing the bromancing was nearing its end, 47 hid for a while to postpone the inevitable The end approacheth… Approachetheded. Approached. One had to go back to being a great actor. The other, to silently assassinating others. They shook hands and nodded, parting ways without saying a word, like badass manly men [...]
Going To Church In Sapienza - Have you ever been inside a Catholic church?If not, read on.(do skim through anyway, if you want to)The one we will be visiting today is situated in Sapienza.Beautiful, right?Regular church attendance is an essential part of the Catholic doctrine. Not everyone does it, and it seems to be fewer as time is passing, but some still like this tradition.“It’s the biz”– Local churchgoerThe churches themselves are impressive buildings made possible by hard work, architectural engineering and lots of money.Looking at the building from a distance is an impressive sight.The closer you get, the more intricate details become observable.Entering the ornate concrete building, you’ll be met by latin phrases mumbled by everyone and written on everything.If you fancy a place to sit, there will be free seating available on hard, splintered benches, called pews.The confession booth, a box in which you get a private audience with the local priest, and can confess to stuff you’ve done that, according to a book, shouldn’t have. All this in a real Sicilian gangster style way.Just like in the movies.Here we have a typical representative of the clergy, a priest:They offer customary bread and wine (it’s said to be part of a ritual of sorts).On [...]
Not Everything Is A Great Combination - The possibility of two ingredients being able to be combined does not necessarily mean they have to be combined. Other notable mentions: Anchovies on pizza Bleach + Vinegar (toxic gas) Ibuprofen + Alcohol Two Different Battery Brands Pineapple on pizza But dat Pepsi Twist do’. Its discontinuation eludes even the wisest.
Mission Moderation Impossible -   Every time. Every single freakin’ damn time. Why? Oh yeah.. No impulse control whatsoever. Got it. Noted. Gonna remember that for next time. Like if.
VIP Tickets gets the best sound -   47’s hearing isn’t what it used to be, thanks to all the gunfire and explosions. “Only thing that drowns my tinnitus” – Unnamed Silent Assassin      


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