Phresh Pheed


Breezy Sailing

2017-09-22 // 0 Comments

It’s a special kind of feeling, sailing the open seas, close to butt nekkid, feeling the breeze through the loin cloth. Highly recommended! I’m sailiiing awaaay [...]

Wrap It Up Before Disposal

2017-09-20 // 0 Comments

Be like the dudes and dudettes of Ark. Wrap up everything in an extra layer before you throw it away, for the sake of the environment. Think about the poor dinos. We [...]

Majestic Bird

2017-09-19 // 5 Comments

Many a grown-up having had Jurassic Park as their favorite movie as a child, got stoked beyond expression when a game where you could walk among dinosaurs was announced. Boy, [...]


2017-09-17 // 0 Comments

Game Cosmos Press (consisting of 1 dude) is thinking about going avada kedavra on its Instagram account Shocking news indeed. There are several reasons why I think it should [...]

Fake Lenin Busted

2017-09-15 // 0 Comments

This here guy has been running around the Commonwealth, posing as Vladimir Lenin. He was (finally) caught when he couldn’t resist the promise of creating a communist, [...]

First Bulletin

2017-09-11 // 6 Comments

From this day, let it hereby be announced that a new category/column/thing will be a reality on this particular collection on HTML and pixels. Under the category aptly named [...]

Best Audio Log In Rapture

2017-09-07 // 0 Comments

The funniest voicelog in the Bioshock universe has to be this one. Jack, frustrated with by the concept of robot Little Sisters, makes a drunken confession on an Accu-Vox [...]