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Snapshots From Chernarus

2018-01-23 // 0 Comments

Here are some snaps I took during my journey through Chernarus. It’s truly an interesting place. Traveling through a country during wartime provides some funny [...]

Morning run with the gun

2017-11-29 // 2 Comments

It’s important to stay in shape, especially if your job involves being loaded with equipment and heavy clothing. Run with the gun for extra weight, preferably fully [...]

Liberation Problems

2017-07-01 // 2 Comments

The feeling when you’re about to liberate and chill and the language is wrong. Not even subtitles. Damn. Everybody speaks foreign everywhere we liberate. Why [...]

PC Minefield

2017-06-16 // 0 Comments

It’s a minefield out there. (social climate deniers begone from this page henceforth and so forth and such, to avoid being offended) In this day and age, offending a [...]