Assaulted in Hangman’s Alley

Breaking news! I got jumped in the streets of Hangman's Alley. Thanks to my lightning reflexes, I managed to get a photo of him in the act. Spoiler: My camera went off accidentally as he startled me. Spoilerer: He was just repairing a clothing booth. Spoilerest: It was really a glitch. This happened in Hangman's … Continue reading Assaulted in Hangman’s Alley

Suspected homicide in Vault 88 – Investigation launched

  Finally! My first murder investigation. It's actually just a "possible" homicide for now, but seriously, I don't think he did this to himself. If you read my self-guided tour of the museum, you probably remember the unfortunate dude in the glass display. I feel very sorry for him, and my condolences to his family … Continue reading Suspected homicide in Vault 88 – Investigation launched

Diamond City – A Wasteland metropolis

Diamond City! The biggest, safest, most civilized town in Boston (and seemingly the only one in walking distance in any given direction). It is surrounded by the walls of the once glorious stadium that drew people from afar to watch people smack leather balls with pieces of sandpapered wood. Here are some traveling tips for you if you were to find yourself there some day.