Phresh Pheed

Far Cry 4

Black Tar Beauty

2017-08-11 // 4 Comments

Stunning graphics. Yeah, the graphics on this gal. Amita makes a great appearance in this pic. Too bad pristine looks doesn’t automatically mean a great personality. [...]

Pagan Min – Gay or nay?

2017-07-27 // 5 Comments

There’s a rumor going around that the king, the exalted, the supreme leader of Kyrat, is gay. Game Cosmos Press have been sent a couple of clues and decided to see if the [...]

Kyrat Travel Guide: Culture

2017-07-24 // 5 Comments

First things first. The absolute first thing you should do when stepping foot into Kyrat is to crank your radio to this channel: In addition to all the other stuff covered so [...]

Kyrat Travel Guide: Activities

2017-07-22 // 1 Comment

Looking to get your dose of adrenaline? Kyrat offers a ton of activities to sate your inner adrenaline junkie. Throwing yourself off a cliff in a wingsuit. Parachuting. Zip [...]

Kyrat Travel Guide: Currency

2017-07-19 // 1 Comment

One of the most confusing things when travelling abroad can be the currency. The conversion rate is quickly forgotten and you spend a lot more money than intended. [...]

Kyrat Travel Guide: Overview

2017-07-17 // 3 Comments

Namaste, fellow travelers! Exotic fauna. Stunning Flora. An adrenaline junkie’s paradise. The land of breathtaking panorama. Kyrat is many things. The land of beauty [...]