Kyrat Travel Guide: Culture

First things first. The absolute first thing you should do when stepping foot into Kyrat is to crank your radio to this channel: In addition to all the other stuff covered so far in the guide, Kyrat has a fascinating culture. Despite the perpetual hardship, the people work hard, by sticking to their assignments from … Continue reading Kyrat Travel Guide: Culture

Kyrat Travel Guide: Sightseeing

What do tourists do? They see sights. Okay, not everyone spends their time abroad checking out sights, but most do. #notalltourists Whether you are a pop-cultural sightseer or want to chill out and watch historic or otherwise magnificent stuff, Kyrat will not disappoint. Deep, claustrophobic caves. Tall, snowy mountains. The himalayan pearl offers great photo … Continue reading Kyrat Travel Guide: Sightseeing