Reader Suggestion – Skyrim Meme

A huge clap for Savior699 for making a hilarious caption to one of my desperate attempts at being funny through memes. Behold Addendum: You may think that Nords have a xenophobic attitude towards khajiits-Nord-luv. Before you think "Hell yeah, racist nordfucks" Consider these three facts: Skyrim is cold. Khajiits have fur. Nords love fur. Math: … Continue reading Reader Suggestion – Skyrim Meme

Inopportune confessions

I couldn't come up with better captions than these for some reason. If you have any ideas, put some words in the comment section and I'll make a post out of them.  You'll be credited (and get a diamond trophy in Valhalla, Sovngarde) The last one is a stretch. It's embarrassing

Never Eat Unlabeled Pills

Imma repeat the headline: Never eat unlabeled pills. You may start looking like that guy. This goes for expired medication as well. Getting a prescription from a licensed doctor is a good place to start. Or a trusted drug dealer with a good reputation, offering blister packs with a medical-sounding name on it.