Parkour: Two Kinds Of Spectators

The worse of the two is exemplified in this post. In this example, the main difference between them, would be the spectator's level of introspection. Want more parkour-skit? Check out another shadowy side of parkour, like this one in post-apocalyptic Boston. All parkour-related articles below this sentence (like magic!): Disclaimer: The author of this article … Continue reading Parkour: Two Kinds Of Spectators

Hazardous new trend emerge in Boston

  A new, potentially fatal trend has gripped the locals in post-apocalyptic Boston. Several reports says people, of all ages, have been observed jumping and rolling around all over town. The trend carries with it its share of unfortunate endings. The new method of transportation is called parkour, and it seems to have become increasingly popular after … Continue reading Hazardous new trend emerge in Boston