Cheesy Pick Up Line, Underground

If there is one thing the vault dwellers know better than anyone else, it's how to feel in the catch of the day. In the cheesy cartwheel of lines, I find this to be the absolute best and worst, depending on the angle it's viewed from. Bonus points for female hitting on male. The best … Continue reading Cheesy Pick Up Line, Underground

Crucial moment

  If you're not a typical small talker, this type of faux pax is probably not an unfamiliar phenomenon. When all that stands between you and the love of your life is a brain fart.. Bah.. Life, why are you like this? Who hurt you? Maybe we can fix this or something.  

A provisioner’s route

As she continued her route, I could not avoid noticing the confident, elegant walk, paired with a strong, resolute stature. Equipped with a set of heavy combat armor, a lazer rifle and part of her face covered by a skull-motived bandana, most attackers would re-evaluate their plans.