Phresh Pheed

The Elder Scrolls

I think he’s onto me

2018-01-30 // 0 Comments

Vampirism isn’t the easiest of afflictions to live with, nor hide. Luckily, Isran isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Thankfully, I got off scot-free here, [...]

Inopportune confessions

2017-08-15 // 3 Comments

I couldn’t come up with better captions than these for some reason. If you have any ideas, put some words in the comment section and I’ll make a post out of them. [...]

Pick Up Line-Alduin

2017-08-09 // 1 Comment

Did you know Alduin’s a master pick-up artist? Trust Aldie to light up the club You know what they say – If only all women spoke french, and men dragon tongue. [...]

What happens in Helgen…

2017-03-03 // 2 Comments

  On my way to cover the annual Honningbrew tasting in Whiterun, I got sidetracked by a curve ball of a story. A couple of horse carriages with escorting cavalry rolled [...]