Morning run with the gun

It's important to stay in shape, especially if your job involves being loaded with equipment and heavy clothing. Run with the gun for extra weight, preferably fully equipped. Make the morning run as cumbersome as possible to get dem gains. Happy running (and perhapsly, totally a word now, gunning)!

Residents Of Vault 88 – Subject 3/16 – Izabelle

  One of the more pleasant characters in Vault 88. Hard working, or shall we say, hard workouting? I tried. Nevermind. Meet Izabelle. Name: Izabelle / Belle Occupation: Personal trainer RR: Howdy! Can I ask you a few questions for an article I'm writing? Belle: Yeah, sure. Ask away. I'm Izabelle, by the way. Belle … Continue reading Residents Of Vault 88 – Subject 3/16 – Izabelle